Trait Rolls

This page is almost wholly from Savage Worlds, but there are a few minor changes, i’m trying to be as succinct as possible so this can be used and referenced directly by myself and players.

Trait Tests happen often, anytime someone wants to do something in or out of combat, they generally have to roll a die, when this happens there are many different ways to represent the action properly by dice roll. First I should mention what I’ll be doing behind the scenes to oppose and counter your endeavors!

NPCs, Specs and the Wild Die

Some NPCs are more memorable and functional to the campaign than any run of the mill conscript. Savage Worlds calls them Wild Cards but i prefer ‘Specialists’, short-termed ‘Specs’ and to represent this additional factor of the unknown, these particular NPCs will always roll a d6 with the applicable trait die they use normally. These specific NPCs can use either their trait die or the Wild Die. This die is a mark of wisdom and a certain level of prowess at getting the job done and as such is available to all who’ve shown the requisite tact.


When rolling a trait die, certain things will modify the roll, to show a level of difficulty in a given action; in general, an easy task is +2 whereas a tough one is -2 and a very difficult task can be up to -6

Unskilled Attempts

Sometimes someone wants (or needs) to perform some task they haven’t trained to. In these cases, the character rolls 1d4(-2). Specs can still use their Wild Die (with the -2 in mind).


Savage Worlds has a system where rolling the maximum amount on any Trait roll allows you to roll again and add the second roll to the total, this can be stacked as long as the player continues to roll the maximum consecutively. In this game, i changed the name from ‘Aces’ to ‘Gratz; and it is customary for everyone to state ’Gratz when one is rolled, not entirely certain whether they state it’s existence or congratulate the roller.on their luck. ex. my Shooting Die is a d8, i roll 8 and reroll my d8 again, i get a second 8, reroll a third time and get a 4, my total is 8 + 8 + 4 = 20

Opposed Rolls

Trait Rolls

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