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Here’s an intro to the people places and events linked to our campaign!
Please take some time to read things you’re interested in because i’ve taken Bungie’s Halo canon, kept things that 343 Industries laid out in Halo Wars and ignored others, then tweaked everything for cinematic effect, so there are many things that differ from halo canon, but there shouldn’t be any massive surprises. My best example to convince you to give it a read is this: Spike Grenades have become Spike Proximity Mines with a little more bang.
Also, most or all of the weapons have effects that would be good to remember for players wanting to feel more like a MJOLNIR-fitted Spartan.
Keep in mind there is LOADS of info hidden from everybody right now, so you’ll have to track down ways of finding out more in-game!

Some important characters and their factions:
The Ardent Communion
Other Important Covenant Militants
UNSC Forces

Here’s some quick guides to the worlds already discovered by mankind and Covenant forces:
Neighbouring Starsystems

And last but not least, a guide to the important items and systems I use, some of which are borrowed from the Pathfinder or Savage Worlds systems and others are wholly invented by me to make the game feel more like Halo. *the combat-relevant game data for all items is found in ‘Items’, this is story-relevant data.


Attributes and Skills
Trait Rolls
Armors and Gear


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Main Page

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